Vanguard Scout

Vanguard Scout

Meet Vanguard Scout - Our $299/pr Miracle Mini Monitor 

Vanguard Scout is a compact 2 way bass reflex speaker with a 5.25in treated paper cone woofer and a 25mm silk dome tweeter in superbly crafted rosewood veneer cabinet with a satin finish. What makes the Scout special is the crossover and how it is voiced to provide a smooth presentation with pinpoint imaging and a wide soundstage. The crossover uses high quality custom inductors and film capacitors typically seen on speakers costing 10x the price.  

The crossover is a unique asymmetric topology that produces crisp and accurate percussion. The bass extension is deep for its size with a 60Hz -6dB point. The silk dome tweeter provides resolving highs while maintaining a smooth sound that is low in distortion. The treated paper cone woofer has a natural and lively sound with a slightly warm midrange that’s perfect for vocals. The balance and voicing of the Vanguard Scout is optimized for non fatiguing listening pleasure with all genres of music. 

This speaker is the perfect introduction into great sound. Paired with the VeraLink TWS Bluetooth amplifier, it provides a complete music system - simply add your smartphone or other streaming decide with Bluetooth connectivity such as an Amazon Dot (Alexa) which enables multi-room playback capability. 

The Vera-Fi Design Team led by Viet Nguyen and Mark Schifter responsible for this incredible design.

Real Rosewood Cabinet with Lustrous Finish

You can book your pair of Scouts with a $100 dollar depost now. Arrival due December 8th, 2023. Only 100 pairs in the first shipment. Click this link to book YOUR PAIR


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