$199 per pair complete – Just Add ANY Speakers

Vera-Link Bluetooth Wireless

Stereo Streaming Amplifiers

Just add speakers and your dream Wireless Bluetooth Streaming Solution is right at hand – 50 watts per channel and SO EASY TO USE!

Stream from any Bluetooth enabled device. One Click set up – Connect and Listen to any of your music from your phone, iPad, computer, TV etc.

FIRST REVIEW IN - Vera-Link: The most fun you can have for $199!

 1 pair Vera-Link Wireless Bluetooth Streaming Amplifiers with freight prepaid


COMES WITH FULL 30-Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee

5 Years Parts and Labor Warranty

Additional Tech Details

Vera-Link is built around the TI TPA 3116 - Wireless stereo - true left and right channel and no wire in between. Each just needs to get power from a local PSU to wall plug (or battery). Bluetooth 5.0 standard. Like a wired connection in sound quality. Connects easily and reliably from your smartphone. “Frustration-Free Wireless” Multiple paired sets can be used in same home - 5 available BT names to distinguish different speakers. The TPA3116 factory datasheet spec for 50W into 4 ohms and 25W into 8ohms assumes a 21V dc PSU capable of the current needed for a 50W continuous power output. The amp is configured for parallel mono bridge tied load (BTL) operation mode which allows it to have output voltage swing that 2x the PSU voltage. The Vera-Link amp comes with a “desktop style” 24V PSU rated for 3A of continuous output (72W). There is an optional 12V 2A compact “wall wart” style PSU for those with lower power needs who require a more discreet and visually friendly white power supply to blend in with the home decor. The datasheet shows that at 24V supply the amp is capable of 60W into 4ohms and 30W into 8ohms at 1% THD+N. We are stating conservative specs of 50W and 25W onto 4 ohms and 8 ohms, respectively. Well within the capability of the external PSU. More info on the TPA3116 amp is a available here: The Bluetooth portion of this amp is BT 5.0 compliant and provides for true wireless stereo (TWS) operation.


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