Positive Feedback - Vera-Link Review

Positive Feedback - Vera-Link Review

Power to Drive Virtually Any Loudspeaker with Incredible Performance at a Ridiculously Low Price

"I don't regularly use Bluetooth devices in either of my audio systems; the only Bluetooth connection that I actually use on a daily basis for anything is the one that pairs my smartphone with the hands-free dialing and voice feature in my vehicle. I've made a concerted effort to employ digital music devices of the highest order in my audio setups, and up to this point, Bluetooth seemed to me to have no place there. And considering that my previous experiences with Bluetooth-streamed music have left me relatively cold and uninspired, obviously, I need to be more on top of which Bluetooth version is streaming the music from a digital audio player or a tablet. After replacing my old tablet and DAP with my much newer Android phone as the streaming device, high-resolution PCM playback was no longer a problem using Bluetooth 5.0.

I can easily say this much about the Vera-Links: it's hard to find fault with a pair of amplifiers that are so well-designed, cost so little, and do so very much so very well. And will drive a diverse array of highly-pedigreed and sometimes finicky loudspeakers to reference levels with sound that's both detailed and musically engaging. There's no free lunch in high-end audio, but $199 is about as close as it gets to free. For music lovers, these amazing amps will provide a literal roller-coaster ride of non-stop thrills, especially if you have a pair of vintage loudspeakers just begging to be employed in a secondary system or for occasional use at parties or other events. The Vera-Fi Audio Vera-Link amplifiers come very highly recommended—and with their crazy low price point, they're a total no-brainer."

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