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Puron Plug-in AC Line Conditioner

Puron Plug-in AC Line Conditioner

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Distributed by Vera-Fi Audio LLC, the Puron Power Conditioner doesn’t require a big lift; it easily fits in the palm of one’s hand. The unit I received has a satin black cylindrical plastic body, a gold-plated plug, and little else besides its gold-lettered name. The Puron measures 4-1/4” from top to plug tip with a rough diameter of 1-1/2”. When inserted into a wall receptacle, the Puron extends out from the wall just 3-3/8”. 

Also available in 220/240v Schuko from our European distributor here!

When plugged into a female wall socket nearest your electric panel or power source, into a wall receptacle at your rig, or in the first position as current flows in your power conditioner or power strip, the Puron begins its work, ridding your home’s power of electrical interference. When left to do its thing over 24 hours, the Puron enhances current flow, scrubbing your electricity free of unwanted grunge.

Try Puron for yourself in your own home. All products sold by Vera-Fi Audio are covered by a 30 day money back guarantee should you be dissatisfied in any way. 

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