Headphone Guru - VBH Review

Headphone Guru - VBH Review

"The Vera-Fi Audio VBH-1 was extremely effective at vibration suppression and the most thorough in my experience in covering all the bases when it comes to suppression technology. I would highly recommend this product for tube amps and turntables even in personal audio systems as they can be highly susceptible to outside influences other than the music itself, and subtle changes in noise floor are especially noticeable in headphones, more so if they are closed back.

While I used them with stand-mounted speakers, they should be equally, if not more, effective with floor-standing speakers if you have hard floors.

Again, unless you have a specific issue that needs to be dealt with, isolation products are a tweak rather than an absolute necessity, but if you want to get the most out of your system they are a must, and I can think of no better recommendation than the Vera-Fi Audio VBH-1."

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