Hifi Audio Guru - Swiss Digital Fuse Box Review

Hifi Audio Guru - Swiss Digital Fuse Box Review

"I’ll admit to a bit of skepticism when I was approached with this product, but the Swiss Digital FUSE BOX delivered on its promises and then some. I’ve always said that in an amplifier, power supply is everything, this was clear going all the way back to early Hi-Fi when we would build huge outboard power supplies as performance mods. With modern audio products trying to run more efficiently it only makes sense that the limiting factor is the amount of power going into the power supply, and as noted above the weakest link in the power chain is the fuse. While your amplifier has the highest current demands, I suspect any product that has an amplifier circuit such as DACs, Streamers, Tuners, Phono Stages, and Preamps will see similar improvements.

Don’t confuse the FUSE BOX with other audio products designed to improve your system by affecting the audio signal path which can have positive or negative effects, the FUSE BOX simply allows your amplifier to do its best, while this will lower the noise floor by the simple dynamic of increasing the dynamic range and speed of the amplifier it should have no effect on the tonal balance that is not power related (linear frequency response may be improved where power diminishes due to impedance changes).

The Swiss Digital FUSE BOX is an easy recommend for anyone who is happy with their system sound but wouldn’t mind a bit of improvement without making major changes or spending thousands of dollars, whether we are talking about two-channel loudspeaker, headphone personal audio, or home theater, two thumbs up as they say."

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