Positive Feedback - SDFB Review

Positive Feedback - SDFB Review

"Eventually I made the connection: like many audiophiles, I have often left solid-state source components on 24/7, but for this component, in this place, even an expensive audiophile fuse was the weakest link."

"... with the image processor switched on, the QØL functioned as if on steroids: notably better spatial clarity, center-fill, and 3-D soundstage dimensions—all of which told me the QØL was simply able to do its thing much more easily when de-fused by the SDFB. Obviously, even the audiophile fuse was a major bottleneck."

"Bottom line is the $395 Swiss Digital Fuse Box can be a game-changer, and is way cheaper than just throwing more money at whatever latest greatest. If you like your present gear, but want better performance, try a SDFB first. Easily installed, it really delivers on Vera-Fi's claims, but by removing the weakest link in your system, it may also reveal the next-weakest link that absolutely demands upgrading. Ahhh, the audiophile life!"

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