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Main Stream - Master Class Dynamic Parallel AC Line Conditioner

Main Stream - Master Class Dynamic Parallel AC Line Conditioner

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Master Class Dynamic Parallel AC Line Conditioner

Main Stream is designed to improve the performance of your high-end audio or video system by reducing the amount of AC Mains-based interference travelling on the wires within your home.  This interference is created not only by other components in the system, but also appliances and other electrical equipment elsewhere in the house.  Sometimes even emanating from outside your home!  

Line interference can cause many undesirable effects; hum, hiss, hash, or buzzing sounds from your speakers, a slight vibration that can be felt through the chassis of your components or on the motor of your turntable, and on video displays as random lines, moving bars or fuzzy images.

Main Stream is called a “parallel” line conditioner because you do not plug your component INTO it, but rather plug it into the Mains socket closest to the component. In this way the Main Stream is never restricting the flow of current to your components, simply removing the interference it encounters on the line as the current flows by.  And there is no limit to how many Main Streams you can use; a large system may best be served by several.
Main Stream uses a combination of reactive elements to created tuned filters designed to specifically reduce the levels of noise specifically known to interfere with your audio enjoyment.  Our topology excludes the use of any type of resonant transformer as a wave shaping device, and rather only removes unwanted frequencies. 
•    Capable of reducing system background noise to vanishingly low levels

•    Reasonably priced 

•    Milled extruded aluminum case 

•    Designed for a long life of continuous service

•    A faint blue glow shows it is working 

•    Laboratory tests prove the effectiveness of Main Stream via Fast Fourier Transform graphs

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