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SnubWay - Noise Defender

SnubWay - Noise Defender

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SnubWay TM is an advanced parallel mains noise filter utilizing 4 discrete LRC filters tuned to absorb high frequency noise from switch mode power supplies (SMPS) and other sources in the 10kHz to 2MHz frequency range. Today’s homes have power lines that are constantly polluted with dirty pulse switching noises from SMPS that are so ubiquitous in modern homes. From our cell phone chargers to the power supplies for LED lamps and even our laptop computer supplies. They all utilize high speed switching in the 100kHz to 1 MHz range, and they often leak noise back into the house AC mains.

The SnubWay mains noise filter has multiple LRC tuned resonant snubbers to absorb this unwanted noisy energy from SMPS’s over a broad frequency range. The LRC filters utilize nano-graphite pulse absorbers to provide a broader frequency absorption band and high quality polyethylene film capacitors combined with precision wound copper coil inductors. The discrete filters are computer tuned and designed for optimal performance. The filters are arranged in parallel to absorb a broad range of sinusoidal and transient pulse noise sources. The LRC filters are arranged on separate PCB assemblies stacked and connected in parallel using solid 14 gauge copper wire busses. All of this is encased in a state of the art aluminum housing and utilizes custom made premium Viborg plug housing with solid copper prongs and hardware.

To use SnubWay, simply plug it into a power outlet located as close to your equipment that you want to have filtering achieved. For instance, a power outlet strip. Insert SnubWay into the first outlet position and your audio equipment after SnubWay. As its name implies, SnubWay provides multiple snubbers coming together in one spot - similar to a busy subway train station interchange where multiple train lines connect. The difference here is that the different “noise trains” come to the SnubWay, but they don’t leave! SnubWay is designed to reduce and absorb SMPS noise in the mains by up to 28dB (this can vary and is dependent on customer specific equipment and house wiring arrangement and condition).
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