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Swiss Digital Fuse Box

Swiss Digital Fuse Box

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When purchasing please select the Fuse Rating, Type and Sluggo of your choice. If your fuse rating is not listed, please select "Other" and send us a message with value using the contact form at checkout.  

To fully understand the potential benefits of Swiss Digital Fuse Box, we must first examine the pitfalls of the fuse.

A fuse is a simple, sacrificial device used to protect your component in case of electrical failure. When current is being drawn through the fuse, it begins to heat up, and in cases of excess current or short, it will melt and sever the connection to power. While this works to protect your devices, a common fuse leaves much to be desired in means of performance when it comes to our audio components. 

Regardless of the size of the power cable feeding even your largest amplifiers, the live line feeding the power supply eventually becomes constricted to the single small filament housed in the fuse. Current draw through the filament causes heat, which in turn raises the resistance and limits the capability of the power supply as it digs deep to replenish its reserves in times of high demand and musical transients. 

Our elegant solution is the Swiss Digital Fuse Box. After carefully reading the instructions, the restrictive fuse is replaced with a Sluggo, a very low resistance and high current capable metal rod made from high purity materials. Run a power cable from the wall to the Swiss Digital Fuse Box IEC C13 inlet, and then plug your component into the Fuse Box’s NEMA 15 receptacle and you are ready to experience what the Fuse Box has to offer. 

Each Fuse Box is programmed at the time of ordering to match the manufacturer’s fuse specification for your device. An internal microcontroller magnetically monitors the current draw and opens the circuit via a low resistance relay if it exceeds the pre-programmed setting. Resetting the Swiss Digital Fuse Box if tripped is done simply by disconnecting it from the wall for a minimum of 15 seconds. Fuse Box will not lose its programming ever, and will continue to protect your device faithfully and without fault. 

Please Note: We can program Swiss Digital Fuse Box for the voltage and frequency of your country, but all Fuse Boxes have a US style plug output and will require the appropriate power cable. Please see our Piggy Tail power cables if you need a short length cable for this purpose. 


Sluggo is precision manufactured in the size of your typical 5x20mm or 6x32mm fuse, made out of your choice of high purity materials. All the sonic benefits of an audiophile fuse without the worry of an expensive failure. One Sluggo in either high purity brass, copper, or gold immersion (Super Sluggo) included with the purchase of the Swiss Digital Fuse Box. Additional Sluggo are available here

High Purity Brass -  Some power cable manufacturers utilize high purity brass terminations or gold immersed brass, and matching like metals can create an incredible pairing. This is our base model Sluggo.

High Purity Copper - Nothing but pure high purity copper in the conductor path providing all the benefits of Sluggo without imparting anything to the sound.

Super Sluggo - All of the benefits of high purity copper immersed in gold for greater warmth and immediacy. This is our standard and recommended Sluggo for starting out with Swiss Digital Fuse Box. 

Super-Duper Sluggo - A tellurium copper Sluggo has been plated with Rhodium, our hardest plating that adds more of a sonically neutral aspect, leaning towards colder tonality to help fine tune your system

Graphene Sluggo - Graphene is a super conductor with up to 70% greater conductivity than copper, offering the closest thing to no fuse at all! Our TOL and highest recommended Sluggo. Ask us about a 20% discount to upgrade to Graphene for current Swiss Digital Fuse Box owners!

Piggy Tails

Swiss Digital Fuse Box has an IEC C13 inlet, and a NEMA 15 outlet on the other side. This allows you to use your performance power cable of choice to feed the Fuse Box, and still allows you to enjoy the benefits if you have an integral power cable on your audio component. 

We offer quality and affordable Piggy Tail power cables in various geometries and materials that have proven to provide great performance and sound quality. 

Core Power Piggy Tail - 1ft length of the Core Power Diamond power cable with 9 separate cores of 16 gauge 8N OFC copper plated with 70 microns of extruded pure silver. Available in Schuko or US termination. 

Try the Swiss Digital Fuse Box for yourself in your own home. All products sold by Vera-Fi Audio are covered by a 30 day money back guarantee should you be dissatisfied in any way.

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